EMPORIA (KSNT) – Students gathered in front of Plumb Hall on the campus of Emporia State University Wednesday to voice their concern regarding the recent policy that was proposed by the university that would allow faculty to be terminated, even tenured professors.

Students’ chants included “STOP THE CUTS” and “THEY GO WE GO”. Students believe the cuts are unfair to the longtime professors.

“It’s gonna also strip tenure from many of our professors and prevent professors in the future from gaining tenure, which would allow the school to dismiss professors and instructors no matter how long they’ve been here, how much they have contributed,” said Sean Singer, the main organizer of the rally.

Students got as close to the hall as possible, trying their best to get the attention of the faculty. Another student sees these professors, not as just teachers, but as family.

“Like we said in our chant, if they go we go, they are the foundation of this university that makes it feel like a family,” said Raiden Gonzales, an ESU Student attending the rally.

A spokeswoman from the university wants to set things straight, as she believes the students have the wrong idea.

“We can all appreciate why the students want to support the faculty and staff on campus, I do believe however that, they may have heard some confusing information. We have a policy called teach-out, any time a program is discontinued all students who are currently enrolled in that program will be able to finish that program within a set time frame,” said Gwen Larson, ESU director of media relations.

The rallying students believe if they pass this policy, it could mean the end to their beloved university.