TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Evel Knievel Museum, opened in June of 2017, is leaving Topeka for sunnier skies. The 13,000 square foot museum is dedicated to the daredevil Robert Craig Knievel.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Developer J Dapper said he is working with landlord Jonathan Kermani to bring the museum to the Las Vegas Arts District.

“The story that came out in Las Vegas is a bit premature. The deal is not completely done, but it is imminent,” the museum said in a press release Tuesday morning.

“There are more people involved in this decision than just us our team in Topeka. This has been a joint venture with the Knievel family from the beginning. The museum has received many awards, had great reviews and received a lot of national exposure. This led to the Knievel family exploring the possibility of having our team move the museum to Las Vegas where the attraction can realize it’s greatest potential. Having the museum in Topeka has been awesome for us, but it is not realizing it’s potential for the Knievel family. We are not selling out to anyone in Las Vegas. Our Topeka team will installing and operating the museum in Las Vegas.”

Evel Knievel Museum

The museum said the move will not be immediate.

“This is not something that is going to happen immediately. It will be a couple of years before any move, if this deal is completed. We’re very proud of what the museum has done for tourism in Topeka and will continue to do for the immediate future.”

Evel Knievel Museum

The two-story museum is located next to the Harley Davidson dealership at the corner of SW Topeka Boulevard and SW 21st. Street.

“This museum deserves to be in a tourism destination and I don’t think anyone would question that Las Vegas makes the most sense for the Evel Knievel Museum to be there with Evel’s history in that City.”

Evel Knievel Museum