TOPEKA (KSNT) – Evergy is working to replace thousands of street lights that are malfunctioning. The company started receiving reports last winter that a number of street lights were changing to blue and purple.

The company has identified around 5,700 lights that have malfunctioned across the coverage area.

  • Topeka – 2,900 lights
  • Wichita – 2,400 lights
  • Manhattan – 120 lights
  • Lawrence – 10 lights

External Communications Manager Gina Penzig said the lights are changing color due to a component that is failing prematurely. She said they hope to have this first batch of lights replaced by the end of the year; however, they expect more lights will fail.

“The lights were installed over about a two-year period,” Penzig said. “What we are seeing is that the lights that were installed first are the ones that are starting to now malfunction and glow that blue-purple color.”

Penzig said 1,300 lights have been replaced in Topeka. Click here to report a blue or purple street light in your neighborhood.