EXCLUSIVE: Eyewitness describes pile-up outside Kansas City


Jamon Weaver is a truck driver. He and his girlfriend were driving from Kentucky to Las Vegas when they found themselves in a pileup.  

“I felt like I was in Final Destination,” said Weaver.

It happened Friday afternoon in Oak Grove, Missouri. That’s east of Kansas City. The Missouri Highway Patrol says at least 15 cars were involved, if not more.

One person died and several others went to the hospital.

“Boom, boom, boom, I’m just screaming like, ah lord, everybody dead,” said Weaver. 

Weaver said he was fortunate to have been in such a big truck.  

“I’ve never been in an event or a circumstance like this in my life,” he said. 

After an eighteen wheeler crashed he said he hopped out of the truck to make sure everyone was okay, and what he saw was jarring.

He showed us where the truck was hit and there were even some remains of the car that crashed into him. 

Now he said he’s just thankful to be alive. That part of I-70 was shut down for hours because of the crash. The highway patrol says it re-opened around 8 p.m.

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