TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansans are paying under $3 a gallon at the pump for the first time in months.

With fuel prices now beneath $3 a gallon, consumers are able to worry less about filling up their tank at the pump and more on other everyday expenses.

“It’s helped out greatly with catching up on bills, with buying the essentials besides gas because it’s gone down, it’s helped out with my food also thank goodness,” said Mark Nichols, Topeka resident. “I can actually afford groceries for all my kids now.”

Not only is this helping people like Nichols put food on the table, but its also saving him upwards of $60 a week.

“Twenty bucks gave about close to half a tank,” Nichols said. “I used to pay about 80 bucks or so a week.”

But while the average day to day consumer is saving cash, businesses are still trying to catch up.

“We’re tens of thousands of dollars over where we thought we’d be,” said Brent Boles, managing partner of Schendel Lawn and Landscape. “So, the fact that we’re a little bit below what we originally budgeted, we’re making it up but not as quickly as we were spending it in the beginning of the year.”

Although Schendel Lawn and Landscape is still well over what they budgeted for, the lowering of gas prices kept them from making a big time decision that would have impacted their customers.

“We were trying to decide whether we pass that on to the customer in a form of a fuel surcharge or raise prices,” Boles said “Fortunately the prices started coming down and we decided at that time that we wouldn’t take any type of increase or pass that on to the customer.”

Boles adds while they’re no longer hurting from fuel prices, diesel prices are still having a negative impact on business.