Farmers urge Jackson Co. officials to fix damaged roads

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Severe weather has created massive holes and ridges in some rural roads in Jackson County. Farmers say it’s causing issues as they try to do their job. 

One road off of Road D between 94th and 102nd Streets near Delia has holes over four feet deep. The road is so bad that driving over it can damage a car, and you need to take an ATV to see it. 

Farmers in Jackson County tell KSNT News that it’s not just this one road that needs attention. There are others that need help.

They chose to remain anonymous out of concern that the roads would not be fixed if they complained. 

County Officials say they get complaints every day and are actively working to fix as many roads as they can. 

“Minimum maintenance roads will be taken care of last,” said Dan Barnett, the head of Jackson County’s Roads and Bridges. 

The road is considered low priority. It has been barricaded off. 

County Commissioner Janet Zwonitzer said people shouldn’t be driving on it.

“The resolution clearly states that it is a class C misdemeanor if you are on that road and doing something that might harm the road or if you are actually mudding, if it was muddy and you tore the road up,” said Zwonitzer. 

For now, the county says farmers need to detour around the road, but farmers say their equipment, which can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000, will get damaged. 

“Our tractors are bigger, our trucks are bigger, our grain trucks are bigger. The tractors and trucks we have these days create considerable damage to these roads. They’re not built to sustain that kind of weight,” said Barnett. 

The County Commission said those holes, otherwise known as wash out areas, will get new tubes placed under the road, which is what created the issue in the first place. 

They’re also asking that people leave the barricades alone, because people have been stealing them. 

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