TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Police arrested a 12-year-old girl Thursday night. They said a video of her attacking another girl in Topeka caught the attention of thousands on Facebook.

The video shows a her hitting and kicking another girl repeatedly. It got thousands of views and shares in just a few hours.

Her dad, Michael Beaty, said his daughter is okay physically, but mentally, it’s been tough for her.

The Topeka Police Department said they got reports of the fight just before noon Thursday and that it happened near 12th and Washburn Avenue.

Beaty said it was all recorded on video as a crowd of around 10 people watched. He also said this stemmed from bullying his daughter has been dealing with for months.

“She didn’t even try to fight back,” said Beaty. “She wasn’t defending herself and was saying ‘Please, I don’t want to fight you. Please stop.’ the whole time and the girl just kept coming and going and kicking and punching. I don’t understand how anybody could be so heartless like that.”

He said all he wants is for those responsible to be held accountable for what they’ve done.

“Our youth now a days need to be held accountable,” said Beaty. “There are consequences for your actions and thank god that nothing else, nothing seriously bad happened.”

Beaty said Robinson Middle School, where his daughter goes to school has been very helpful in trying to stop the bullying.

KSNT News reached out to Topeka Public Schools about the incident. A spokeswoman said the two girls don’t go to the same school.

“Topeka Public Schools is committed to creating a positive and productive learning environment,” said Hall. “Any actions that undermine this mission are strictly prohibited.”

You can read her full statement HERE.

Beaty said if there’s one thing he wants people to take away from this, it’s for parents to talk to their kids about bullying because it can have very serious consequences.