Fighting more than fires on Christmas Day

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – When thinking of the holidays, most people think of cozying up inside with their families and celebrating the day together.

But, some jobs require people to get to work like it’s any other day. Especially firefighters, as their job is extremely important and it’s crucial they show up to work.

One Topeka firefighter, Eric Hander, works as the Captain for Topeka Fire Station #7. He said he celebrated with his family on Christmas Eve, so that he would be ready to tackle his shift on Christmas Day. Hander said that even though he already celebrated with his family, it’s hard to be away from them on Christmas Day.

“It’s tough being away from my family and I know my family misses me today.”

Even though he is missing his family, he has another family at work. Hander and his fellow firefighters working at the station are making a large Christmas feast with hander’s special smoked-turkey as the centerpiece.

“Families are welcome to come in, but not that they always can because they have because they have Christmas celebrations with the family.”

He said that this is the fourth time that he has made the smoked-turkey this season, so he hopes he has perfected it.

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