MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Anytime a U.S. flag becomes tattered or worn to the point it’s no longer a fitting symbol, it requires a proper retirement in a dignified manner. This week, one local county is making that retirement process a little easier.

In the heart of downtown Manhattan, there is now a depository box for those flags that need to be retired. Installed on Monday in the lobby of 110 Courthouse Plaza, flags damaged or worn down over time will be accepted, and sent off to the local American Legion for proper disposal.

For one county worker, having that option available for people in the area means a lot to her.

“It just kind of gives a heartwarming feeling to know that somebody cares about enough about the symbol, that they’re wanting to retire the flag properly,” said Riley County Public Information Officer Vivienne Uccello. “We’re excited to be able to bring people in for that purpose, if someone is visiting the building anyway to get their tags renewed, or get their driver’s license renewed, it’s just kind of an extra thing for them.” 

Additionally, local scout troops and the American Legion also accept flags for a proper retirement.