Flooding causes 20-foot-deep hole in Axtell, blocks people in homes

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AXTELL, Kan. (KSNT) – Two households were trapped from leaving or going to their homes on Thursday outside of Axtell after the flooding and rain created a 20-foot-deep hole in the road.

Despite the rain, Marshall County workers were hard at work filling the hole, so the residents could return back to their homes or to town.

“Yesterday about 5 o’clock, I went over this,” said Axtell resident Pat Eagan as he stood near the hole. “Then I came back about 5:30 or so, and this is what I saw. A big hole.”

Eagan drives to his 90-year-old mother’s house outside of Axtell every day, and with the hole shutting down the road, Eagan and his mother were left stuck outside of town.

This came after five to six inches of rain hit Axtell on Wednesday evening.

“We’ve got to get people home. There’s no other rock road to their house, so this is the only way they can get to town to get groceries, get to the hospital…would an emergency come up, there’s no way to get to them right now. So we need to get it fixed as soon as we can,” said Mike Craig, Marshall County Public Works administrator.

The hole took a total of eight dump trucks to fill, each having to drive about an hour round trip for the rocks.

“We have had things like this happen before, but it seems like everything’s different. So, each bridge is a different challenge every time something like this happens, and when you get five, six inches rain in two or three hours, you typically have something like this happen,” Craig said.

Eagan said it was nice to see the county fixing the road so quickly, but in the meantime, he took advantage of the quality time with his mother.

“As soon as I leave here I’m going out to mom’s to have dinner,” Eagan said with a laugh.

The county will be back at a later date to fill any patches in the road, and make sure it is safe for the residents, Craig said.

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