Most people wouldn’t get excited to run a 10K on a rainy, gloomy day, let alone do it on your birthday.

But that’s exactly what Marvin Hachmeister did as he turned 88 years young on Saturday.

He competed for the 39th time in the annual Marvin Hachmeister 10K Road Race.

He doesn’t just compete in the race named after him; he runs all over Kansas too.  

“In fact, the doctors encourage me to run even though off and on I have some little quirks,” said Hachmeister. “Medical little problems, and of course, there’s a few people in Manhattan that keep me encouraged too.” 

Originally from Natoma, he’s run since high school.

Hachmeister went to K-State, where he earned two degrees and started participating in the race. He then became an agricultural economics professor at the university. Now he’s a major part of the community. 

“Marvin, who is a local hero here,” said Ben Sigle, run director and co-owner of the Manhattan Running Company. “It’s kind of the type of thing you hope you can be like that when you’re 88-years-old too.” 

He’s a bit of bit of a local legend. He’s still an active farmer and said he aims to run at least 25 miles per week. 

“If it ever comes where it takes me more than an hour to run a 10K I’ll quit. But now, I said, ‘no I’m not quitting’. My goal is to go to 90,” said Hachmeister. 

As for the rest of his birthday, Hachmeister said he needed to feed his cattle and get some work done on the farm. 

The Manhattan Cross Country club also has a scholarship in his name. 

Hachmeister wore the number “88” to honor his 88th birthday.