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Approved Frito Lay expansion storage building exceeds height requirements

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - A large Topeka factory is getting bigger after city council approved re-zoning for Frito Lay to add an automated expansion factory.

The new storage building is going to be 125 feet tall, that's 55 feet higher than the approved 70 feet restriction on a building for the city. To compare, it will be higher than the Jayhawk Tower. 

This new expansion building will be at the intersection of SW Kirklawn Road and SW 42nd St., that's right by the Frito Lay plant building now.

With this new automated storage building it will create less driving for the big trucks because it can all be stored at one location. This means you'll see less trucks driving around.

"You'll eventually notice something that looks like really nice grain silos along the turnpike, it's just another vertical  storage plant so they can make some room inside their current plant for future growth," city planning director Bill Fiander said.

 A big question at city council Tuesday night, was why there is that 70 foot height restriction for buildings in Topeka.

Fiander said it's because not all industrial districts are near other industrial districts, they may be near residential areas so there needs to be a cap.

There is not a set date for when that expansion will start to be built.

 Other items approved at city council tonight:

  • An ordinance for a temporary dog park to be put in the College Hill apartments area.
  • A new set of apartments on Southwest Jackson Street will also now be apart of the downtown district at 412 SW Jackson.
  • The 2019 operating budget was also approved by council. For a full look at the budget, click here.



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