TOPEKA (KSNT) – The high price of gasoline hasn’t just affected your pocketbook, according to data released during a recent Shawnee County Commissioner’s meeting, Topeka-Shawnee County American Medical Response (AMR) has spent 180% of its gasoline budget by the end of May.

“We’ll absorb it as best we can, and that’s why we came today was to ask for a little bit of relief so that we can absorb those increases within our fuel and within our medical supplies,” said, Mickey Huber, Topeka/Shawnee County AMR Operations Manager.

Expenses are expected to surpass 200% soon. Huber said the combined cost of gasoline and the cost of medical equipment is stretching things even thinner.

During the meeting, AMR said it plans to implement a “Nurse Navigator” program that will handle non-emergency and non-critical trips. AMR believes the program will save on the cost of fuel.

“We’ll absorb it as best we can, and that’s why we came today was to ask for a little bit of relief so that we can absorb those increases,” Huber said.