The World Health Organization, has for the first time, designated gaming disorder as a mental health condition.

Cam Adair is the founder of Game Quitters, an international support community for people addicted to gaming.

The Kansas Coalition On Problem Gambling hosted Adair for a presentation Tuesday night. He told parents and their kids how to stop excessive gaming before it becomes a serious problem. 

He said three percent of the more than one billion gamers worldwide are addicted. Many gamers play for the same reasons.

“It offers an escape, it offers a way to socially connect and it offers a way to see constant measurable growth,” Adair said.

He said it’s OK for people to connect through gaming, unless they escape through games too much.

Adair encourages parents to make sure their kids have other ways to connect socially.  

If you would like to learn more about gaming addiction, you can visit the Game Quitters website HERE.