GEARY COUNTY (KSNT) – Water problems are still plaguing Geary County days after a storm passed through Kansas causing damage and taking lives.

While most of the city’s water had been restored, some areas still do not have flowing water. Geary County released new information Monday morning, including that a boil order remains in effect. The boil order will remain in effect until Tuesday, Dec. 21, however only KDHE can determine when the water is safe to use.

While houses have running water, residents should take note that a boil advisory remains in effect until the water within the system has been tested by the state and deemed safe for consumption. At this point, the boil advisory is scheduled to remain in effect through Tuesday, but this could change depending on the test results.

Geary county is advising residents to take the following precautions:

• Boil water vigorously for 1 minute before using it. Boiling it longer than 3 minutes may adversely affect water quality and taste.

Once an advisory or order is lifted, typically at least 24 hours after issuance of the advisory or order, you will need to take additional steps before resuming normal operations.

  • Q. When will the Boil Order be lifted?
  • A. Currently the boil order will remain in effect through Tuesday, December 22nd. We will update residents when the water in the system is safe for consumption. Residents are encouraged to follow local law enforcement and emergency management social media pages and pay attention to local news outlets for these updates.
  • Q. What is the current level of the water Towers? Have the filled?
  • A. The water towers and underground storages have not been fully filled at this time, but they are within a couple of feet of normal operational levels. It is expected that these facilities will reach normal operational levels by the end of the day (December 20th, 2021).
  • Q. Are residents able to begin doing laundry and other non-essential water-related activities?
  • A. Yes! Residents can do non-essential water-related tasks such as washing dishes, washing clothes, washing cars, etc.
  • Q. Has the current water supply been tested for contamination? If so how bad is the current contamination?
  • A. The water is currently being tested by the state to determine when water will be safe for consumption. At this point, the boil order remains in effect. Residents are to refrain from consuming water they get from the tap. This includes ice produced in automatic ice makers. This ice should be thrown out and not consumed until the boil order has been lifted.
  • Q. Do I need to clean out my faucets?
  • A. Yes. You should flush your faucets after the drinking water advisory.

* Turn on the main water valve.

* Turn on the cold water tap at all faucets and run the water until you feel a change in temperature (i.e. the water gets noticeably colder). This may take several minutes. Begin with the faucet that is highest up in your home or building and then open the other faucets one at a time moving from the highest floor to the lowest.

  • Q. Do I need to clean appliances?
  • A. Yes. Read the owner’s manual for directions to clean appliances such as water softeners and filter units.
  • Q. The water is discolored. What should I do?
  • A. Flush water pipes by running the water until it is clear.

Do not wash clothes if the water is discolored. Wait until the water runs clear at the tap. Wash a load of dark clothes first.