OSAGE (KSNT) – A German man is biking through Kansas during a trip across the U.S. to raise money for a children’s hospital, on Saturday.

Marco Isele was inspired to help children with cancer in Cologne, Germany after spending a short period in the hospital. He was heartbroken by the sight of children in the hospital and decided to make a big decision.

Isele told 27 News he asked himself, “what can I do to make it better for children?”

(Photo Courtesy/Marco Isele)

Isele left Germany five weeks ago after quitting his job, getting rid of his flat and buying a bike. He began learning English during his flight to Los Angeles.

After traveling from Los Angeles to Kansas and camping every night, Isele has found biking a lot harder than he expected but is eager to push through.

“I hate biking, everything hurts,” Isele said. “I am fighting everyday.”

Isele rode into Osage City on July 1 and was looking for a place to pitch his tent. The community pointed him to the police department where they were able to help him find a campground and meal.

Isele has enjoyed his time in Kansas and felt everyone was generous, helpful and kind to him.

Throughout his trip, he has been documenting the states using a Go-Pro to broadcast and post for the kids to enjoy. Isele has created a relationship with many of the children.

“When the kids can’t go out, they can see from my eyes,” he said. “I take pictures with the drone every day.”

When asked why he picked the U.S., Isele said it was something German people dreamed of and kids found fascinating.

“When I take pictures from Germany or Spain, no one is interested,” Isele said. “People in Germany dream of the U.S.A., feeling of the freedom and the symbolic thing.”

His favorite moment has been Pikes Peak in Colorado. Although it did prove itself a hard task.

“Everyone in Germany knows Pikes Peak and loves Pikes Peak,” Isele said.

(Photo Courtesy/Marco Isele)

Isele’s will be departing the States from New York City on July 23. He plans to finish his bike ride in New York and then continue his trip in Scotland, England, France and Belgium before returning to Germany.

To donate to the hospital, click here. To see updates and photos, Isele’s Instagram can be found at marco_isele.