GARNETT (KSNT) – The Garnett Police Department is attempting to located a suspect who was involved in what the police referred to as a “rolling gun battle” earlier in April.

According to the GPD, police were sent to the site of a shooting that occurred in the 700 block of West 8th Ave. on April 2, 2022. A suspect was identified over the course of the investigation: William Christopher “Chris” Vandenburg.

The GPD says that Vandenburg is wanted for questioning for his involvement in the shooting. According to the GPD, Vandenburg is believed to have shot several vehicles as well as a residence that was occupied by two adults and two children during a rolling gun battle.

Anyone with information related to this incident or the current whereabouts of Vandenburg is encouraged to contact the GPD at 785-448-6823. The GPD also issued the following warning: “Do not approach Vandenburg, he is to be considered armed and dangerous.”