Graffiti or art? Topeka’s Townsite Tower owner explains these lines

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — What was once the Bank of America building is now the Townsite Tower, and its outside aesthetic is leaving many with questions.

White squiggly lines have appeared on the outside of the Topeka Townsite Tower (KSNT Photo/Cassie Nichols)

Located at 534 S. Kansas Ave., the tower has recently undergone renovations which include a white vertical squiggly line down the front of the building. The lines have people wondering on social media if someone drew graffiti on the side of the tower.

The owner of Townsite Tower and K1 Realty LLC, Ken Schmanke, believes that art is in the eye of the beholder.

“I’ve had many people look at this and say, ‘well I see this or that’ and that’s great,” Schmanke said. “A lot of people use their imagination and you can find different meanings in that.”

But what people can’t see when driving by are the other modern design aspects related to what’s on the side of the tower. The interior, plus the outside sidewalk spaces feature similar abstract designs. Schmanke said it’s all about having fun, which directly aligns with the overall vision of the modern office space.

Townsite Tower courtyard area. (KSNT Photo/Cassie Nichols)
Townsite Tower indoor art (KSNT Photo/Cassie Nichols)

“Whatever it might be that is art or design, we have a lot of creative minds within our company,” Schmanke said. “We just have a lot of fun saying, ‘hey that would be cool, let’s do it.'”

Schmanke said the building will continue to grow and make improvements as needed.

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