TOPEKA (KSNT) – The New Year brings goals for the Greater Topeka Partnership.

The Capital city-based organization is looking forward to welcoming thousands of people into Topeka.

Members of GTP believe things are looking up for the community going forward. With two projects in particular, Dino Days and Topeka Music Week, the organization estimates 200,000 people will come to Topeka.

That will help boost small businesses, hotels and other venues throughout the city.

Creating change for an entire city doesn’t happen overnight. Since the organization formed in 2017, they’ve been building up to this year.

“There’s a reason momentum is the title for our strategy. Momentum 2022 and momentum 2027. Five years ago this city didn’t believe in itself. It was about starting the ball rolling – well now we’ve got the ball rolling. It’s now about escalating that momentum and taking us to new levels,” Bob Ross of Greater Topeka Partnership said.

To keep that momentum going, he says GTP is adding more people for 2027 plans. The goal is to make a city that reflects what everyone wants to see from Topeka.