Have a little faith: Local woman reflects on her time on ‘The Voice’ singing competition

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EMPORIA (KSNT) – A little faith and a lot of hard work, for Savanna Chestnut to make it all the way from Kansas with her band to Los Angeles. She was recruited from an Instagram post to try out for The Voice.

“I knew about it quite a few months before going out there in October of 2020 to film for blinds,” Chestnut said.

So keeping a secret joined her list of talents, before she landed on Team Blake. Singing and writing are in Savanna’s blood; she’s been doing it since she was a little kid.

Making albums and starting her own band, Savanna Chestnut and The Fieldhands. Now, she can add making it to the national stage on her resume too.

“It’s definitely been a great boost to my music career and for my band and for myself, I mean we normally play every weekend anyway, but we’re currently booked up until September,” Chestnut said. “We’re going to be back in October and open for Eli Young Band, we’ve got festivals lined up from New Mexico to South Dakota, Iowa, of course all over the Midwest as usual.”

She said being booked is a big ‘thank you’ to the show because it’s given her new fans. Despite the fame, Chestnut is one humble woman. When asked what her favorite part of being on the show was, it wasn’t about her.

There are so many talented people there and everyone is so different, a total blend of personalities and genres and types of people it was super cool. I’m trying to accept that I deserved the opportunity, it’s showing me that I have more talent than I give myself credit for sometimes, and embracing that and acting like I believe it.”

Savanna Chestnut

While her time on the show was cut short, it’s an adventure she’ll never forget and has taught her a few things to bring back home to Kansas.

“You can be successful without being ‘famous,’ people kind of think that if you want to be a musician, if you’re any good at it then you’re going to get famous, and that’s not always true,” she said. “It’s okay to find your level of success that you’re comfortable and happy with, and if it grows more for me from here on out then great, but I’m really happy with where I have gotten, and that’s really all I can ask for.”

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