Health clinic to open in local high school

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Students at Topeka High School won’t have to leave school any longer to go to the doctor’s office.

The University of Kansas Health System is partnering with Topeka Public Schools to form a campus care clinic.

Students will be able to get flu shots, sports physicals, and much more.

“If you’re sick, you have a sore throat, instead of having to miss school, you can come to the clinic and be seen,” said Dr. Ximena Garcia, who will be working at the clinic.

“If you’re struggling with depression, if you’re struggling with an eating disorder, those are all things that we want to be here for the kids.”

The partnership between Topeka Public Schools and the University of Kansas Health System is to keep students in school as much as possible.

“The interesting thing about this model that we really like is that we’re able to bring the care to the patient, in this case, the student who for either scheduling reasons or transportation reasons might not otherwise be able to receive care,” said Chris Wilson, Vice President of System Integration and Innovation.

Just like a regular doctor’s office the clinic will also care for students with high blood pressure, diabetes or other longterm health issues.

“Instead of having to leave school or be out of school for days at a time for ongoing care, they can get that right here,” said Dr. Tiffany Anderson, superintendent for Topeka Public Schools.

One student said that having the service readily available will be nice to see.

“I think it eliminates a lot of barriers for more underprivileged students who can’t access the doctor’s office as easily,” said Jacob Gernon, a student at Topeka High.

The clinic is designed to be a more affordable option for students that might be undercovered through insurance.

The clinic will be open 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday on school days and should open later this semester. 

It is only available to students right now but could be open to teachers and families of students in the future.

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