Helping Hands Humane Society sees uptick in dogs entering shelter with heartworm

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As we get further into summer, your pets could be more at risk of getting heartworm.

The Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka said they’ve seen an increase of dogs with heartworm recently.

Both dogs and cats can get the disease from mosquito bites, but, it’s more common in dogs.

Treatment for heartworm can be hard for pets.

“Basically, these heartworms are hurting their vital organs and you have to push poison through their body to kill the heartworm,” said HHHS Communications Coordinator Emi Griess. 

That’s why the shelter is encouraging pet owners to take preventative measures.

“There’s a monthly pill that you can give your dog,” said Griess. “So, if your dog already takes any other medication, you kind of know the drill of putting it in their food or putting it in some peanut butter. It’s just something you have to do once a month. But they also make an injectable that I believe lasts 6 months, so, that’s a little easier.”

The Helping Hands Humane Society is also raising money to treat the six dogs with heartworm at their shelter. To find out how you can donate, click here.

You can also drop donations off in person at the shelter.

For more information about heartworm in pets, click HERE.

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