TOPEKA (KSNT) – The group wants to rename Pine Crest Park, according to the Hi-Crest NIA.

Pine Crest Park

Nellie Hogan is a well-known name in the Hi-Crest neighborhood.

“She is always looking for people that are vulnerable, people that are maybe not exactly getting the attention that they need. I’ve seen her take care of many elderly people in the neighborhood, looking for people that are maybe just stuck in their houses or haven’t gotten the vaccines or food that they have needed in the last few years. making sure that they get food taken to them.” Jill Rice, NIA president told KSNT 27 News. “Or, making sure that they get the healthcare they need when they need it. And making sure that they get their voices heard.”

Rice said Nellie doesn’t care so much about the name change, but wants to see the park get a facelift. Hogan wants the equipment updated to make the park more inclusive.

The next step for the Hi-Crest Neighborhood Improvement Association is to approach the Shawnee County Commissioners with their request, according to Shawnee County Parks & Rec.