TOPEKA (KSNT) – The City of Topeka is helping out a homeless person, but a local city councilwoman says she’s upset the city stepped in only after 27 News got involved.

Councilwoman Christina Valdivia-Alcala says she had been asking the city and police to do something for weeks. She was concerned because the man was walking around with an infected and dripping colostomy bag – something that holds fecal matter.

Valdivia-Alcala believed he was a threat and worried about his mental state. She says he was spotted carrying a machete around her district. When 27 News asked the city for comment Tuesday morning, they stepped in and took action.

“To see that the media got that response before an elected official received that response is troubling and the lack of transparency is very troubling,” Valdivia-Alcala said.

The City of Topeka released a statement regarding the situation:

The Topeka Police Department’s Behavioral Health Unit in partnership with Valeo Behavioral Health Care’s Hope Team, were able to secure temporary housing for a 36-year-old Topeka resident today. The individual also received medical care in addition to the temporary housing placement. TPD officers and Valeo staff will continue to work with the individual and provide available resources.

Gretchen Spiker, City of Topeka