Homeowner help: How to check your sump pump with more rainfall on the way

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has issued a state of disaster emergency declaration for flooding that started over the weekend, and it’s time to check on your sump pump system to make sure you don’t end up with flood damage.

Jamie O’Harra is a Topeka plumber who told KSNT News checking your pump is really simple and can save a lot of stress if you take the time to make sure it’s still working. Plus, if you do not already, you’ll want to get a battery-powered backup in the event that the power goes out.

“It’s always good to have a floor drain by the sump pump pit,” O’Harra said.

If you do not have one, he has some advice about the different kinds you can invest in.

“A half horsepower pump is pretty much the way to go or you can bump that up to a three-quarter horsepower or one horsepower if you get a lot of water,” O’Harra said. “If the water table is running underneath the basement and you’re getting a lot of water, of course, you’ll want to up your horsepower.”

It’s also a good idea to keep your gutters and your downspouts clean, and clear of any debris. That will push the water away from your home.

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