Horton Hospital makes a comeback in the hands of state appointed lawyer

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Horton has new hope this week as the hospital they thought was permanently closed works to re-open. 

The Hospital’s Chief of Staff said a ‘preservation team’ is doing paperwork already in hopes of getting the hospital back up and running sometime soon. 

After Horton Hospital closed earlier this month the hospital declared ‘chapter 11’ bankruptcy. Then a state court appointed a lawyer to handle that bankruptcy. He made the call to reopen the hospital, and the details on how that happens are left up to him. 

The process takes some time as they work to get the papers in order. The Hospital’s Chief of Staff Dr. Richard Brown tells KSNT News that the hope is to have the hospital open again in just a few weeks, but they don’t have an exact date yet. 

“It’s great news. I’m still a little skeptical of it, but I’m planning on it opening. I really think this is a very lucrative hospital. This is a good place. We’re busy. We do a lot of good care for a lot of people and this is not a ghost town by any means. We’ve clearly made money over the years and quite frankly we don’t need to be subsidized. So I think this would be, not necessarily just a good investment from an investor standpoint, but it’s a no brainer, this hospital shouldn’t close” 

Brown said that when the Kansas Department of Health came to check in, they told him the hospital looked to be doing fine. 

Even when it reopens, there is still some uncertainty as to which employees will be hired back on. He blames the closure on their parent company Empower HMS, which also owned a hospital that closed in Oswego, Kansas.

He’s not sure if the company is involved in the reopening. As for the employees who weren’t given several of their paychecks, they still haven’t seen that money. Dr. Brown said it’s uncertain when they will. 

The reopening will take weeks at least, so Dr. Brown has said that he’s telling patients they should arrange other medical care, and meet with other doctors for the time being.

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