Housing and Credit Counseling Inc. helps people reach financial, housing goals

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Money matters. But, for some, trying to achieve financial goals can be difficult.

That’s why Housing and Credit Counseling Inc., or HCCI, in Topeka is stepping up to guide people through the process with education.

“What we do helps people of all income levels,” said Executive Director Marilyn Stanley. “It can be someone on disability income. It could be someone earning a very nice salary that’s, you know, working over time or whatever it might be. It’s a variety of people it can touch.”

They offer classes and individual sessions on topics ranging from budgeting and credit building to home buying and maintenance. These classes are free.

Dale Jones teaches the home maintenance class. He said while it may not sound money-related, knowing how to maintain your home can pay off.

“In the long run, it’ll save you a lot of money,” said Jones. “It might cost you a couple dollars for a furnace filter. But, if you don’t change that furnace filter, that furnace could go out and that could cost you several thousand dollars.”

Through these sessions, HCCI works to provide a judgement-free learning environment to help people achieve their financial and housing goals.

“Sometimes, it’s a little bit of a process,” said Stanley. “It takes time. Things don’t improve over night, but if they follow the information they’ve learned from us, sometimes a couple years down the road they come back and say ‘Hey, I did what I learned and look at me today. I bought a house. I started a business. I have a savings plan, all those good things’. We’re changing lives.”

To find out more about the different class options HCCI offers, click HERE.

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