TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas is currently experiencing drought-like conditions all across the state, and the National Weather Service predicts it will get even dryer through the rest of the year.

Farmers are already prepared for a tough year of production in the fields.

“Crop production is gonna be way down,” said Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent Leroy Russell. “Corn, soybeans and wheat was down some.”

Other than the crops, the animals that eat the crops are also having a tougher time this season.

“Livestock we got the same problems, because the hay yield was way down, the pastures right now look in pretty bad shape also,” said Russell.

Northeast Kansas has not had as bad of conditions as southern and western Kansas, but experts are expecting it to get worse.

For northeastern Kansas where we are abnormally dry, we do think drought conditions will worsen a little bit through the end of the year, as we’re expecting below average precipitation” said Sarah Teefey, a National Weather Service Meteorologist.

Grocery prices will only continue to climb due to already higher gas prices and the low demand of crops and livestock.