TOPEKA (KSNT) — Even though the salt on the road is essential in helping keep the roads less icy during severe winter weather, it can be fairly damaging to your car over time.

If you don’t clean or wash your car after driving out in the snow, it can cause up to $2,500 in damages.

“It can cause corrosion which can cause your paint to bubble, and when that bubble eventually cracks, it can expose bare metal,” the manager of a local autobody shop, Tucker Adams, said. “And when that happens, rust starts forming and it just starts eating away.”

He said that around this time of year the shop sees a fair amount of people coming in for this issue. He said that the simple way to fix this problem is by getting your car washed as soon as you can following a drive in severe winter weather. As well as even applying wax to your car in the fall before that weather becomes an issue.