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How the government shutdown affects tax returns

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Have you received your W-2 yet? If so, local experts say to act fast. 

"You want your return to be at the top of the heap and not the bottom of the heap, or worse yet, received after the employees are sent home again," said B.J. Hickert. 

Tax filing season begins on January 28. The Trump administration has promised taxpayers they'll get refunds on time despite the partial government shutdown that's now in it's fourth week.

"There is going to be a slowing on the processing of refunds," said Clint Patty at Clayton Wealth. "That does not change anyone's obligation to file timely so you still need to get your tax return filed timely in April or get an extension." 

This week the internal revenue service announced it's calling back tens of thousands of employees to help file tax returns. 

It comes after growing concern the shutdown would delay refunds going out.

For those procrastinators you have until April to file. All eyes will be on the government to see how quickly they can get refunds turned around. 

According to Forbes, some of the major changes to anticipate with the new 2019 Federal Income Tax brackets and rate are the elimination of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalty and the medical expense deduction. 



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