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How to get your finances in order in 2019

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Spending less money and getting finances in order is one of the most common New Year's resolutions each year.

KSNT News spoke to Clayton Wealth Partners about ways to tackle your finances in 2019. Executive Vice President Clint Patty suggest four things to consider this year.

  • Always Pay Yourself: Patty says if you've gotten a raise in the last year, consider putting at least part of that raise in to a savings account or your retirement fund.
  • Look At Your Taxes: With changes to tax law in Kansas and Washington in recent years, Patty suggests doing a tax projection online. This way you're not surprised in April and you can make any adjustments for 2019.
  • Consider Your Investments: Although investments are usually long term, with recent volatility in the market Patty suggests taking a look at your investments with your financial advisor.
  • Evaluate Your Financial Advisor: Patty says there are two things you want in a financial advisor.
    • Certified Financial Planner: A CFP is the highest designation in the industry
    • Full Time Financial Fiduciary: Patty says this is to ensure that your financial advisor is acting in your best interest.



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