How to prevent water pipes from freezing during frigid temps

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- Temperatures are colder than they have been all winter. This can become a threat to water pipes both inside and outside the home. Local plumbers in Topeka are advising people to take specific precautions to avoid damage.

Leaving cabinet doors open throughout the home may seem strange at first, but it actually can help prevent frozen pipes. This allows warmer air in other areas of the home to circulate over the pipes, making it harder for the water to freeze.

“The real big kicker is the damage they can cause,” said Cole Thronton, a Topeka plumber. “So even just a crack in a pipe or just one joint going back because it froze or it splits, it will seep down and you won’t see the damage most likely until later on.”

Insulation sleeves are also very helpful. These sleeves, which are typically made out of foam, help keep outdoor pipes protected from harsh weather. If a pipe is exposed or broken it must be sealed in order to prevent further plumbing damage.

Once temperatures warm back up, most plumbers recommend checking all aspects of plumbing around the home to make sure nothing was damaged from the temperature and weather.

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