TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Motorcycle crashes have injured two people and killed another in Topeka, in the span of just one week.

Friday we learned the name of the man killed in a motorcycle crash Thursday night. Topeka police say 25-year-old Colton Pearce from Topeka was riding his motorcycle near 31st and Adams when he crashed into a car. Police say the driver of the car was pulling out an intersection when the crash happened.

There was another serious crash involving a motorcycle this past Saturday. A man and woman riding on a motorcycle were seriously hurt after they collided with a truck on Auburn Road. Fortunately those two people are doing a little better tonight.

In light of these two crashes KSNT News asked the experts how both car and motorcycle drivers can be safer on the road. Bruce Zimmerman is president of Historic Harley Davidson in Topeka.

Zimmerman said the first step to safety is proper training for new motorcycle drivers.

The shop at Historic Harley Davidson has seen a massive increase in helmet sales according to Zimmerman. He thinks it might be due to people getting on the bike as a new hobby during the pandemic, and that it’s important everyone gets properly trained.

On the subject of gear, motorcycle drivers should always have their gloves, boots and riding pants on as well.

The best thing to do for car drivers is to be actively assessing your surrounding. Zimmerman said he never just relies on his mirrors.

“I think a motorcycle may be a little smaller than a car,” Zimmerman said. “So maybe it’s a little easier to get in a blind spot, so I don’t ever trust my mirrors whether I’m in a motorcycle or in a car.”