How to protect yourself on the road from deer

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – This time of year, more deer are out and about. That can be dangerous when driving at night, especially on the highway.

Kansas Highway Patrol troopers say specifically this time of year, they see deer crashes more often. 

October through December is mating season for the animal. That, along with the sun setting earlier in the day can lead to more crashes on the road.

“It’s really important people be alert,” Kansas Highway Patrol Lt. Roy Wise said. “Look at those roadsides where deer might be crossing and just pay attention because deer are going to be out there.”

“So – what can you do once you find yourself on the road with a deer?”

“The best step you can take, is wearing your seatbelt.”

“Having a seatbelt helps makes sure that I’m not striking the dash or the windshield or steering wheel – or even coming in contact with an airbag in a more challenging, difficult way,” Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Ben Gardner said.  

The next thing to do for safety, is to be sure to slow down gradually. Forcing the car to stop immediately could lead to more problems.

Additionally, make sure you don’t swerve one way or the other to avoid hitting the deer. When you swerve, you have the potential to hit something else like a tree or barrier. Swerving could also make the car roll. 

When you notice deer signs on the side of the road, slowing down could help avoid any deer-related situation.

If you end up in a crash involving a deer on the highway, your first step should be pulling off to the side of the road. Then, call 9-1-1 or star 4 7 to get in touch with KHP directly.

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