How to stay safe on flooded roads, RCPD warning residents near Wildcat Creek

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – An early morning flash flood warning has been issued for northern Dickinson County, Geary County, Southern Riley County and southwestern Pottawatomie County following heavy overnight rainfall.

The Riley County Police Department is warning residents to be cautious near Wildcat Creek at Scenic Drive until late tonight.

“At 7:15 a.m. the stage was 6.1 feet. Flood stage is 14 feet. Minor flooding is forecast.”

Riley County Police Department

Additional rainfall could lead to more problems for areas around rivers and creeks.

Excessive runoff could become a problem.

Authorities are warning motorists to be careful around flooded streets and roads.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority offers the following tips.

In the event you have to drive in a storm, here are some driving tips to help save you from becoming the focus of the next traffic report:

  • Always drive with your headlights on in the rain. If your windshield wipers are on, so should your headlights. It’s Kansas law!
  • Stopping takes more distance on wet roads, so always increase the distance between you and the vehicle you are following.
  • Don’t use the cruise control while driving in rain or inclement weather.
  • If rain is affecting your visibility too much, pull over on the shoulder with your flashers on and wait out the storm.
  • If you get caught in large hail, try to pull over at an underpass if safe to do so. If not, pull over on the shoulder with your flashers on. Remember, driving compounds hail’s impact with your windshield. Also, side and rear windows aren’t reinforced like the windshield, so they are more easily broken by hail. Lie down if possible, keeping your back to the windows and cover up with a coat or a blanket. Remember that you should never stop in the middle of the road.
  • Stay in your vehicle during severe lightning. Hard top vehicles are much safer than out in the open as metal frames act like a Faraday cage. If necessary, pull over on the shoulder and sit with your hands in your lap to avoid getting struck through metal contact.
  • Don’t drive through any floodwaters, even if you think it may be shallow. Pull over, turn around and find another route.

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