How to unfreeze your car doors in a pinch

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Freezing temperatures can mean a few extra steps in the morning like warming up your car, or dealing with frozen shut car doors.

After overnight snowfall on Wednesday, a lot of people who park outside woke up to their car with ice all over it.

A local car shop said there are some quick and easy ways to fix it.

Eric Shaffer, manager for Performance Tire in Topeka, says that when you’re driving, the snow and ice on your car starts to melt because of the heat inside your car.

Once that starts to happen, the water runs down the inside of your door’s seal and freezes.

He says a lot of people think hot water will help melt the ice on your car, but actually, the hot temperature against a cold window or handle can crack it.

Instead, he suggests two other things to try and melt the ice in a pinch.

“Best way to get rid of it is use cold water or washer fluid,” Shaffer said. “The washer fluid has the alcohol in it so that helps break it down and then not refreeze.”

He said you shouldn’t use warm water because it will freeze faster than cold water will, making it even harder to get into a frozen car.

If you don’t have any cold water or washer fluid, Shaffer suggests throwing a cover or blanket over your windshield the night before and putting your wipers up.

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