TOPEKA (KSNT) – A recent trip to Colorado is helping Topeka City leaders find a new perspective on approaching the local homeless situation.

The Topeka Mayor, City Manager and other representatives visited Denver and Colorado Springs in mid-April to see how those cities approached the concept of low barrier homeless shelters.

Because of the unique way they combat homelessness, Colorado Springs is used to visitors from other states.

Officials are unpacking what lessons they learned from that impactful trip, and putting together new ideas for what changes could come to the Capital City.

“We saw a lot of information, we saw a lot of what might be real good examples, but they still have their struggles as well,” Topeka Mayor Michael Padilla said. “We want to make sure we learn from their wins, and learn from those things that didn’t work well.” 

Officials aren’t ready to say what those next steps look like quite yet, but the mayor indicates they are moving forward with initial plans.