Hundreds gather to share Tuttle Creek flood concerns

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Recent rain has Tuttle Creek Lake at near-record high levels. That means people in the surrounding communities are concerned about flooding.

On Wednesday night the Army Corp of Engineers held a meeting to talk about those concerns. Hundreds of people came out to hear what officials had planned and to share their concerns about flooding. 

With levels in the Tuttle Creek Lake being so high, the Army Corp of Engineers has to find a time to release some water into the Kansas River. But when they do that could cause flooding.

They held a meeting in Manhattan to talk with people about that, but many left still worried, like Lisa McAdams who lives in Manhattan. 

“We went through this in 1993. So just looking at the levels downstream and the forecast. I dont know, it doesn’t look good,” McAdams said. 

Dawn Buehler with Friends of the Kaw said it’s not just the Manhattan community that’s worried. 

“The releases from Tuttle Creek are really going to impact the Kansas River. We know that Tuttle Creek is the workhorse of the Kansas River. There’s going to be a lot of water coming down,” Buehler said. “How is that going to impact the downstream communities? That’s one of the things we’re really worried about.”

Right now the army corp does not know when they’ll be releasing water. They said they have to wait to see how much rain comes our way, then they’ll make a decision.

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