Hundreds gathered at the Kansas Statehouse Saturday afternoon to show they are fed up with gun violence. The group joined thousands across the country for the “March For Our Lives,” an event calling for gun reform in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

“We want people that should have a gun to use it wisely and people who shouldn’t have a gun to never have the ability to get one,” said Topeka High student Julia Howell.

Julia Howell and Tonyce Jackson helped organize the walkout at Topeka High last week. The pair made a speech during the rally.

“It shouldn’t be happening. We’re 18-years-old. We shouldn’t have a gun. We should be at work, in college, doing something,” said Jackson.

Rally organizer Samantha Inscore is studying education at Emporia State University. She said she became involved because, as a future teacher, the thought of being in a school shooting started to become more of a possibility after Parkland.

“We discuss it in our education classes and it’s something that looms over our head,” said Inscore.
Inscore said she was impressed by the turnout for Saturday’s rally. Now, she believes it’s important to keep the movement pushing forward.

“It’s so important that we’re keeping the momentum from the first walkout. There’ll be a walkout on April 20. That’ll be the anniversary of the Columbine Shooting and we just need to keep it going,” said Inscore.