TOPEKA (KSNT) – The retrial of Dana Chandler came to a close Thursday after a week of deliberation with no verdict.

It is not clear what a hung jury will mean for Chandler.  

Chandler was originally convicted for the 2002 murders in 2012. She was serving 100 years in prison when her conviction was overturned. The Kansas Supreme Court determined one of the prosecutors lied to the jury. The prosecutor, Jacqueline J. Spradling, was disbarred from practicing law on May 20, 2022 for unethical misconduct among other issues.

Mike Sisco and Karen Harkness were found dead in their Topeka home on July 7, 2002. Both were shot at least five times in their bed.

Multiple national media outlets, including NBC’s Dateline, are in Topeka covering the case.