TOPEKA (KSNT) – A large stretch of construction on I-70 is causing traffic delays as work is happening near 1st street to Adams in Topeka.

The eastbound side of I-70 is down to one lane, which is causing traffic to back up during rush hour. The Polk Quincy Viaduct is currently undergoing repairs. KDOT metro engineers told 27 News the viaduct and other major bridges in the area are in poor condition.

Crews are working on a patching project now to make the bridges last until a more serious reconstruction begins in 2025. KDOT hopes to complete the bulk of the project this summer before wrapping up repairs in 2023.

“We’re getting two thirds of the repair work. the bridge repair work, done this season. And then we still have additional work on the bridges south of downtown that will be occurring next season. It’ll start about this time next year and extend most of the way through the construction season,” said Steve Baalman, KDOT Metro Engineer. KDOT estimates the entire project to be completed in 2027.