“I can live a normal life now”: woman says after taking allergy shots

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Allergy season is coming up fast, whether we want it to or not, but for some people, it can be more than a stuffy nose and itchy eyes.

Carolyn Wilt didn’t always have allergies, but that changed when she adopted two cats.

“I didn’t know at that time I had asthma and I ended up in the hospital about six days on oxygen,” said Wilt

After she left the hospital, she received tests and discovered she had a severe allergy to a lot of things including cats, grass, and pollen.

Dr. Roxana Voica says there are three things you can do to help with allergies.

  • Try to avoid the things that bother you as much as you can.
  • Take over the counter medicine.
  • Allergy Shots: doctors give you small doses of what you are allergic to build up immunity.

“In a majority of cases 3 to 5 years suffice and this can last for the rest of the life,” said Voica.

Wilt’s allergies are so severe that when she stopped receiving the shots, she relapsed. So now she takes two shots every other week and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“I live a normal life now because of that. I’m able to get out and walk, and do some jogging and not having any trouble with breathing problems and take my great-grandson wherever he wants to go,” said Wilt.

If you would like more information to deal with allergies, CLICK HERE.

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