MANHATTAN. Kan. (KSNT) — On Wednesday, a semi truck lost its load, causing a 7 car pileup, killing 29-year-old Brooke Rees of Manhattan.

After finding out about her death Rees’ husband, Tom, has made a memorial in the bedroom they shared together. He put pictures, cards from the past, and letters that Tom’s been writing to the love of his life, Brooke.

“I know now that she is in heaven and her faith is really strong and she was with us and just really encouraged and inspired everybody around her,” said Tom.

Just last year the couple celebrated 5 years of marriage. Their love story all started a few years prior. At the time, both were living in a small mountain community in Georgia. Tom, who came from England, was getting his masters degree. Brooke had just started a job as a esthetician. As fate would have it, the two would meet at the only bar in that small town.

“I just saw her big eyes looking up at me and I think I fell in love actually right there,” said Tom.

Since then, the couples moved all over the country for Tom’s job as a tennis coach. Not always an easy transition for newlyweds to constantly be picking up and starting new, but Tom said Brooke had an amazing ability to befriend people everywhere she went.

“Most places we went she knew nobody and when we left she had a family there,” said Tom.

Two years ago they moved to Manhattan, Kansas when it was announced Tom had been selected to be K-State’s assistant coach for the women’s tennis team. They were happy in their new home, excited to start a family soon. Instead, the spot he used to lay next to his wife is full of memories, reminders of what could’ve been, and the legacy his beautiful brown-eyed wife left behind.

“Just really kind hearted and always wanted what was best for other people whether family or friends, or people that she didn’t even know,” said Tom. “And loving and she and the way she loved her family and friends she would lift her spirit and smile and just even the way she talked and loved on the people around her.” page has been set up and to help the family with funeral and memorial costs.