TOPEKA (KSNT) – The iconic Topeka “Ghostbusters” car had its’ lights stolen off of it and the owner is asking the community for help.

When vehicle owner Tanya Weaver realized the lights had been stolen on Friday, she posted on Facebook and community members flooded the comments.

The thief cut the wires that power the lights and Weaver does not understand why someone would steal lights that will no longer function.

“It was kinda a low blow for me, people taking the lights off the car. I just don’t understand why,” Weaver said. “Not only did someone deface my vehicle, vandalize and make theft, they also robbed a child of what could have been a potentially good smile or good day to see the light of the Ecto, you know, kids love it. I don’t understand why.”

Since Weaver is known for her vehicle in the area, it is no surprise the community wants to help.

“It’s devastating really, because now I don’t feel like I can trust the community anymore,” Weaver said. “Now I got that (replacement) red light up there, and it’s screwed down, because how do I know for sure if I can buy these new lights again and put them back on the car, and not have something like that happen twice.”

What started with stickers and magnets, has become a Topeka claim to fame. Weaver takes the car to events, birthday parties, cruises and more. Weaver has spent $2,000 to make the car as accurate as she can. The car’s add-ons consist of lights, PVC pipe and 3D printed materials.

Weaver is yet to hear any updates or information about who took the lights, but has posted her Cash App on Facebook if people want to donate.