If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas – go back to bed

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – Sorry Mr. Sinatra, the weather outside isn’t frightful this year. With temperatures around Kansas reaching 70 degrees this close to January, should this weather be raising concerns?

Believe it or not, this warm winter weather isn’t unprecedented. Both Topeka and Concordia had a 68 degree high on Christmas Eve in 1889. However, that 132-year-old record was broken Friday.

Does that mean this is the new normal because of a changing climate? Not necessarily.

“You have to look at it as an entire season,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Brandon Drake said. “Because that’s how the climate is determined over longer periods of time, not necessarily one day or the other. I wouldn’t think it’s worrisome from that standpoint.”

Not only have we had warm Christmas’ in the past, the country is currently experiencing a unique weather event caused by the La Niña weather pattern we’re in. That’s leading to higher temperatures than usual for us.

“Climate is how many times does this pattern set up over time, this one is more like a weather event,” KSNT Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller said. “We’re looking at how long this weather event will last. When you look at it there is some cold air still up to the North in Canada. It’s just a matter of time. It may even be a week, week and a half from now we’ll see that cold air start to plunge southward.”

When we do eventually get to that traditional winter weather, there’s another aspect to consider.

“Generally speaking, the only real problem with having warm weather this time of year is getting out of the warm air, when the cold fronts come in,” Miller said. “We’ve seen that already. We’ve had some tornadoes in parts of the country. We had that big wind storm here last week. It’s that transition of getting out of it.”

Matt Miller suggests looking ahead, the transition to colder temperatures thankfully is not looking rough.

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