TOPEKA (KSNT) – More updates are coming to the Immaculata Church in St. Mary’s.

The $40 million church received two new additions and brought the congregation together on Saturday.

A ceremony outside of the church consecrated the five liturgical bells on Saturday. The new bells from France arrived last week, the biggest weighing in at 7700 pounds.

The church, which is 44 years in the making, is moving forward on their process.

“Some of the parishioners here have been here since 78. They’ve been told many times we are going to rebuild the church,” said Father Patrick Rutledge Director St. Mary’s Academy and College “There have been sincere efforts, it just hasn’t happened. Now that people are finally seeing the fruits of it with the bells and being able to walk in the church here, some of them for the first time, it really gives them a sense of completion.” 

The church’s next step is setting up eight statues on the outside of the building, four of which are on their way from across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Father is anticipating the next step will happen in October.