MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Police are investigating a threatening email allegedly sent to Manhattan Catholic Schools over the weekend.

The Riley County Police Department reports via social media that they have a found a threatening email sent to Manhattan Catholic Schools to be not legitimate. The email, which was found to have originated from New York, prompted the RCPD to post additional officers at the school out of an overabundance of caution Monday. The RCPD went on to say that it has no reason to believe the email was valid or even was intended to go to this specific school.

Aaron Wintermote with the RCPD told KSNT 27 News the email was received by the school on Sunday, March 26. Investigators were able to trace the email to a single individual from the state of New York who was found to have no connection to the school or Manhattan, Kansas.

Wintermote said the RCPD believes there is a possibility the email was meant for schools in Manhattan, New York. Kansas police have been in contact with the New York Police Department during this investigation.

Mike Hubka, principal of Manhattan Catholic Schools, released the following message to KSNT 27 News:

The email was received over the weekend. We contacted the Riley County Police Department and they determined that this was not a credible threat. We notified our parents this morning and some chose to keep their children home. We are in school today after the assurance from the RCPD that there was not a valid safety concern.

Principal Mike Hubka