Three indictments unsealed Friday claim massage parlors in Topeka and Lawrence were fronts for prostitution. 

Five people were charged in federal grand jury indictments alleging prostitution businesses generated millions of dollars in revenue, according to U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister. Charges included conspiracy, interstate racketeering, bank fraud and money laundering.

Ma Li Vanskike, 67, operator of ABC Massage (formerly Naima Therapy) in Lawrence is charged with one count of interstate racketeering and five counts of money laundering. An indictment alleges she laundered more than $1 million in revenues over a period of five years at Harrah’s Casino in North Kansas City, Mo.

Weiling Nielsen, 53, and Erik Nielsen, operators of Jasmine Massage in Topeka, Naima Asian Massage in Lawrence and Serenity Health Spa in Lawrence, are charged with two counts of conspiracy, two counts of bank fraud, five counts of money laundering, and one count of racketeering. An indictment alleges they bought and sold California real estate worth millions of dollars while falsely representing themselves to lenders as restaurant managers in Lawrence.

Lian Hua Li, 55, and Michael Mills, 61, are charged with two counts of conspiracy, two counts of interstate racketeering and four counts of money laundering. An indictment alleges Li operated Sunflower Massage (formerly Jasmine Massage) in Topeka and S-Therapy in Salina, and that Mills worked with her. The indictment alleges Mills transported female sex workers from the airport to massage parlors and assisted Li in laundering cash proceeds of prostitution. The indictment alleges some of the money was laundered through casinos in Kansas.