TOPEKA (KSNT)- As inmates find more creative ways to get drugs into correctional facilities, officials are adapting.

Inmates have been caught sneaking drugs into facilities by way of mail. Inmates reportedly have someone outside the jail spray a liquified form of drug on a letter, and then disguise it as mail for the inmate.

Originally, inmates disguised it as personal mail, but have now switched to mail from a fake attorney, so the guards cannot read it. The danger is not only for the inmate that is ingesting the drugs, but for anyone that comes in contact with the mail.

“The danger is much higher now because of the use of fentanyl which can not only cause harm to the inmate that uses it and ingests it, but it can cause harm to anyone that handles something that has fentanyl on it” says Timothy Phelps, the Deputy Director of The Department of Corrections

The officials have responded by installing a new scanner. The Verovision Mail Screener by Chemimage is a scanner that can pick up microscopic amounts of foreign substances, including drugs in less than 20 seconds.

If a foreign substance is found, the letter is immediately taken as evidence, and the correction facility will cooperate with the sheriff’s office to investigate further into where the letter came from, along with the inmate it was delivered to.