TOPEKA (KSNT) – As Veteran’s Day quickly approaches, Washburn University is gearing up to unveil a new monument to honor all veterans who have served from Washburn and the surrounding community.

Dr. Eric Grospitch, the vice president of student life at Washburn, joined the 27 News Morning Show to speak in detail about the new monument and what it means to faculty and students who have served or are currently serving while attending Washburn.

“The new memorial has about seven large, granite, black stones,” he said. “Each one representing a different branch of the military including the medical folks, because so many veterans have talked about the last people they spoke to were the nurses and doctors that had served abroad.”

He said that the memorial also stands as a place to remember students that have left Washburn to serve our country.

“We had 47 students that had left Washburn to serve in the Vietnam War, and those students didn’t return,” Grospitch said.

The memorial will also have a battlefield cross, as well as three flags.

“It’s a nice place to sit and be serene, either thinking about the service members that have been there, or just friends and family.”

As far as how students are reacting to the new memorial, Grospitch said he has been surprised by how many students are stopping to inspect and admire the new memorial.

“We’ve seen a lot more than I’ve anticipated,” he said. “The old one just kind of blended into the environment and this one really stands out.”

Grospitch emphasized that the memorial represents veterans who served in all wars, not just the Vietnam War.

“So, our current students who have served also can see themselves represented in that space,” he said.

The official unveiling of the memorial will be at 10 a.m. this Friday, Nov. 10 in the center of Washburn’s campus. To hear more about Washburn University’s plans for the upcoming holiday, watch the full interview linked above.